Meet Our Team


Nastassia Velazquez

Senior Content Development Specialist

Originally from the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, Nastassia currently lives in Boston, Massachusetts and attends Boston University. She began interning at A.E. Schwartz & Associates in February 2018, quickly devoting her full and undivided attention to Here Is My Coupon (HIMC). Nastassia is passionate about HIMC, its mission, and its potential. She is excited to relaunch this platform with Andrew and her fellow HIMC team members.


Sydney Harvey Griffith

Partner, VP of Strategy and Operations

From Boca Raton, Florida, Sydney Griffith currently lives in Boston, Massachusetts and attended Tufts University. A total “people person,” Sydney worked at A.E. Schwartz & Associates as a marketing and sales intern from 2014 to 2016. Aware of her passion for business and entrepreneurship, Andrew Schwartz assigned work that would quench her thirst for knowledge in the area. Fortunately, this line of work directed her toward one of Andrew’s business plans that he had been sitting on for four years: Here Is My Coupon! It seems only yesterday that Sydney discovered this gem. She is passionate, eager, and driven to launch Here Is My Coupon. “How exciting it is to so strongly believe in something,” says Sydney.


Andrew E. Schwartz

Founder, Creative Architect, and CEO

Andrew is a world-renowned facilitator, innovator, business consultant, and serial entrepreneur. He continues to work with other CEOs in developing their management teams and serves as an advisor on several executive boards with a style that is practical, succinct, and humorous. While maintaining several other businesses, Andrew’s latest venture has delved into the world of online coupons. While continuing to give forward by working with college students, he was inspired to become the creative architect for (HIMC) in 2009.

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