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Fundraising as a College Student: HIMC and College Student Groups

As anyone in a college student group can tell you, fundraising is important. Having a sufficient amount of funds for your group allows you to plan more exciting outings, organize better events, bring better speakers, or even order the better pizza for late night meetings (which often translates into higher membership!).

During my undergraduate career, I was an active member of the Marketing Club. It seemed that every meeting started off with a plea for members to help with fundraising efforts or face the ever-present threat of increased dues. However, the kicker here is that while fundraising was clearly an important issue for the club, there were never effective options for how to fundraise.

There is a very real need for college student groups to fundraise. While some clubs in some universities may be fortunate enough to receive funds from an activities board or even have members pay dues, these funds are often not enough for groups to do everything that they want to do.


In my own experience, my university supplied my group with a certain amount of funds. These funds were just enough to cover snacks during the meetings. Considering that we were located in Boston with so many fascinating things to do and people to hear from, the group was anxious to do more than sit in a classroom for an hour a week. However, these opportunities required money that we didn’t have.

Don’t get me wrong: we attempted to fundraise. Most members dedicated time in their schedule to either making or selling baked goods or organizing raffles in an attempt to raise as much funds as possible. However, our peers who we were trying to connect with weren’t too receptive to us pushing cookies in their faces while they were going to class or trying to get work done. It also occurred to us that perhaps young college students may not have disposable income to spend on our baked goods and raffles.

In my Marketing Club experience, Here Is My Coupon (HIMC) could’ve made a world of difference. HIMC succeeds by utilizing the relationships that many people already have with local businesses to not only help stimulate interest in the business but to also raise funds for a local community or college Group.


Group members acting as Sales Representatives reach out to local businesses with an opportunity to post a coupon on a new online platform and reach a new audience. The local business pays $180 to post a coupon on, the Sales Rep earns $30 in commission for referring the merchant, and their Group raises $45. The business gains new traction through new exposure, and local Groups are able to have better experiences.

Overall, using Here Is My Coupon is a way for college student groups to make a decent amount of funds, help local businesses, and benefit the community, all without baking a single cookie.

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Thinking Big for Small Businesses: The Importance of Local Economies

“When I think about my life growing up, I recall a great sense of community,” says our C.E.O., Andrew Schwartz. “The deli, the butcher, the barber shop, the pizza parlor, local restaurants—all of them felt like my extended family.”

“I could walk behind the counter and talk with merchants while watching them work. This special relationship is something that we want to help rekindle through Here Is My Coupon.”

In explaining his motivation for starting Here Is My Coupon (HIMC), Andrew touches on an important point: more companies should address the needs of small businesses. Why? They thrive from strong community relations.

As the Internet has grown more pervasive, online commerce has started to dominate many sectors of the market. This development is good for large companies, which often have the resources to take advantage of everything the Internet has to offer. However, it’s more difficult for smaller businesses to keep up with these companies, particularly if they serve local communities: their reach may not seem as large. Therefore, we believe that there’s a need to support a specific sector of the market: local communities.

What do we mean by “local communities?” We mean towns that are tightly knit on a personalized level. More specifically, we mean towns that have small vendors whose customers are frequent, loyal, and know the business well.

What are some examples of small vendors? Think about it for a second. Many local communities have well-known restaurants that residents visit when they decide to dine out with their families. Furthermore, lots of towns have local fashion boutiques where all of the high school girls purchase their prom dresses. Is there a town bakery that’s been in a particular family for generations and everyone knows them? What about the Mexican restaurant on the corner that college students frequent when they’re home from school?

When it comes to town-specific merchants, the possibilities are endless. Every small town has a collection of local businesses that make the community special.

When people use Groupon and Living Social coupons at big-name stores, they don’t help their local community much as they potentially could. Why? They need to use a personalized coupon service that addresses the needs of small businesses and consequently brings their community closer together. Enter: HIMC.

How does HIMC start off in a local community? Let’s use an example. There’s a Group in a small town—a Little League baseball team—that needs to raise money for their travel expenses. The more money they raise, the more out-of-state tournaments the team can attend, which gives their players more experience.

One of the player’s parents, who has agreed to serve as a Sales Representative for the team, goes to the local spa twice a month. Realizing that they have a personalized connection with this business, they decide to reach out to the spa’s owner to see if they’re interested in working with HIMC. The Sales Rep knows that the spa already uses coupons—why not receive some additional support?

After the Sales Rep discusses the benefits of HIMC for local merchants, the spa agrees to sign up, and they become the first business in town to work with HIMC! They pay $180 to have their Coupon Space posted on for an entire year, which now means that their regular customers can benefit even more from their services. The Sales Rep earns $30 in commission, and the Little League team earns $45 for their fundraiser.

From this point onward, community residents who use HIMC coupons know that not only are they supporting a local business, but they’re also supporting a local community Group, an organization that benefits people they know. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Our business model has the potential to help small businesses compete in today’s Internet-driven economy and consequently bring them closer to their communities. When we increase business traffic and revenue for small merchants through the sale and promotion of our online coupons, we give communities a personalized way to support their local economy. There’s always a way to help the little guy!


FUN FACT: at the crux of competition: beginning in the 1940s, chain supermarkets began to use coupons as a weapon. By offering them, they attracted customers away from smaller, independently owned neighborhood shops. We built HIMC to serve those small businesses!


Are you a Group thinking about signing up with HIMC? Take our survey and learn more!


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Calling Small Businesses: Drive Your Revenue and Fundraise for Great Causes!

Are you a small business owner looking for a great way to increase your foot traffic and revenue? Connect with local community Groups and help them fundraise on Here Is My Coupon (HIMC)!

An online coupon service and fundraising platform for communities of all shapes and sizes, local businesses post their coupons on our website to gain exposure and revenue. Check us out and learn more at

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Here Is My Coupon Is Live!

Here Is My Coupon (HIMC), an exciting and innovative online coupon service and fundraising platform, is live and ready to go! We’re searching for local community and college student Groups that are looking to raise money for their cause and support local businesses. Visit us at to learn more!

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Looking to Make Money for Yourself AND for Your Community Group? Check out HIMC!

Here Is My Coupon (HIMC), an online coupon service and fundraising platform, is searching for Sales Representatives who belong to community and college student Groups! Earn $30 for yourself and fundraise $45 for your Group whenever you sell a Coupon Space to a local merchant or small business owner. Interested? Visit us at to learn more!

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Calling all College Student Groups: Fundraise for Your Club and Support Your Campus!

Hi there! Are you a college student? If so, then we’ve got two questions for you:

  • Are you part of a local college student Group or club?
  • Are you interested in an opportunity to raise money for your organization?

If you answered yes to both of these questions, then keep reading: Here Is My Coupon (HIMC) is an ideal fit for you and your club!

HIMC serves its users in three intertwined ways: we’re a coupon website for dedicated coupon users, a traffic and revenue booster for small businesses, and a fundraising platform for local community Groups, especially college student Groups.

We know that funding and budget cuts from student activities offices can make it difficult for student-run clubs and organizations to function. So how can college students find a flexible way to raise money for their club in accordance with their busy schedules and personalized fundraising needs? Enter: HIMC.

For every Coupon Space that a college student Group recruits to HIMC, they fundraise $45 for their club. Additionally, the Sales Representative—a member of the club—who recruits the Coupon Space earns $30 in commission. With our support and your ambition, there’s no limit to the amount of money that you could raise for your club! If you sign up with us today, in one year, you could make:

Merchants Recruited Sales Rep Earns Group Earns
10 Merchants $300 $450
25 Merchants $750 $1,125
50 Merchants $1,500 $2,250
100 Merchants $3,000 $4,500
150 Merchants $4,500 $6,750
200 Merchants $6,000 $9,000
250 Merchants $7,500 $11,250
300 Merchants $9,000 $13,500

With HIMC—especially in this early stage—the early bird gets the worm. The college student Group that signs up first and begins to recruit Coupon Spaces before anyone else is the club that has the opportunity to raise the most money. Think about it!

Consider your college campus and the surrounding off-campus areas.

  • Is there a coffee shop on campus where students study for hours on end?
  • What about the pizzeria that everyone loves to visit after the big game?
  • Restaurants, salons, clothing stores, ice cream shops—you name it! Any merchant can benefit from HIMC.

If you approach a business and sell two Coupon Spaces to them in a 15 to 20-minute sales appointment—yes, just 15 to 20 minutes!—then that’s $90 for your club, $60 for you, and the start of your knack for identifying and recruiting merchants that are an ideal fit for HIMC. When it comes to fundraising through our platform, all it takes is a few merchants to get started. There’s no better time to sign up like the present!

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Additionally, if HIMC takes off on your campus, then other colleges in your area could benefit too. It’s great to show that HIMC is a success for your club so that other college student Groups on other campuses can follow your lead. In other words, it’s a BIG opportunity for you to sign up as the first college student Group to work with HIMC.

We specifically designed Here Is My Coupon (HIMC) to serve college student Groups like yours because we believe that college students have the most potential. There’s no better time for you to learn how to fundraise for an organization and develop business development and networking skills—these experiences make for great resume pieces and will serve you well in the future.

Plus, it’s always nice to earn some extra money for yourself. $35 is a lot for a college student! Multiply that by two or three—yes, $70 (or $105!) is how much you could earn selling an additional Coupon Space or two during one sales appointment.

How does your club currently raise money? Do you throw an annual fundraising event, or are bake sales in the student union more your thing? Consider HIMC as a potentially new fundraising platform for your club: with our support, you (and your campus) could reap many more benefits.

So are you ready to get started? Click here to learn more about Groups and click here to sign up. We’re excited to help you raise more money for your club!


FUN FACT: printed and posted. by the 1980s, you could find coupons printed in local and national newspapers and magazines alike.  Today, nearly 90% of all coupons are issued in the Sunday newspaper Free Standing Inserts.


Are you a Group thinking about signing up with HIMC? Take our survey and learn more!


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Charitable Giving and Annual Fundraising: HIMC Seeks Local Charities!

As the world becomes more connected, it has become easier to find groups and causes whose missions genuinely resonate with you. Which type of group has benefited immensely from these new connections? Charities.

In 2017, charitable giving reached record levels for the third year in a row. People donated an estimated $410 billion to charitable causes! This number is an increase of 5% in current dollars and 3% in inflation-adjusted dollars from 2016.

Who is giving to charities? As in previous years, the majority of charitable giving in 2017 came from individuals. Specifically, individuals donated $286 billion, which accounted for 70% of all charitable giving! It also represents a 3% increase from 2016.

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Foundations—in other words, independent, community, and operating foundations—donated $66 billion (16% of all donations). This amount represents a 6% increase from 2016.

Finally, the rate of corporate donations grew by 8% to $20 billion (5% of all donations).

So where do all of these charitable donations go? Evidently, a variety of places:

  • Donations to Education charities increased by 6% to $58 billion.
  • Donations to Human Services charities increased by 5% to $50 billion.
  • Foundations saw an increase of 6% in donations to $45 billion.
  • Health charities saw an increase of 15% in donations to $38 billion.
  • Public Society Benefit charities saw an increase of 7% in donations to $29 billion.
  • Donations to Arts, Culture, and Humanities charities increased by 8% to $19 billion.
  • Charities that focus on the Environment/Animals saw an increase of 7% in donations to $11 billion.

All data is the property of Giving USA 2018, the Annual Report on Philanthropy.  

From the increase in every one of these statistics—as well from as the overall size of charitable giving—it seems clear that charities play a crucial role in our society. Moreover, this role has even more potential to grow! Enter: Here Is My Coupon (HIMC).

Remember: individual donations to charities accounted for 70% of all charitable giving in 2017. This significant investment means that everyday people are connected to their local communities and the world at large: they are interested in finding causes that matter to them. Here is where HIMC comes into play. As an online fundraising platform that’s primarily focused on bringing communities closer together, we connect local charities with people who are genuinely invested in their cause.

Think about it this way: a local charity wants to raise money for a nearby community-run homeless shelter. Although they can raise money through ordinary means—asking for donations—HIMC offers them a more consistent, sustainable way to fundraise for their cause.

When this charity approaches local merchants to sell Coupon Spaces, they earn $45 per Coupon Space sold, and the Sales Representative who sold the Coupon Space earns $30. If a charity is the first to get to the party, then they have HUGE earning potential.

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Plus, for every year that a merchant renews their Coupon Space and re-credits the Sales Rep who originally sold them the Coupon Space, the Sales Rep earns $20 and $10 every year afterward, and their charity re-earns $45. That means annual income for the charity and their Sales Reps, which is a unique benefit of a relationship with HIMC that charities don’t get anywhere else. How many charities do you know could benefit from an annual stream of income? Think about it!

When the loyal customers of the local pizza shop, the town bookstore, or the family-owned bakery use HIMC coupons, not only do they know that they’re supporting the merchant, but they also know that they’re supporting a local charity. Simply put: when everyone in a community participates in and benefits from HIMC, everybody wins. That’s why we’re on the hunt for charities who want to work with HIMC.

We’ve tested our market: merchants are ready to join us. We’re currently hand-selecting our first Groups with a key focus on charities, so each and every Group is important to us. If you decide to work with us, then we’ll follow and publicize your cause, support your fundraising efforts, and ensure your charity’s success on our platform. As we grow, you can expect to receive more and more funds, making HIMC one of the best fundraising options for community Groups like yours.

Are you a charity who’s interested in working with us? Learn more here and sign up here!


FUN FACT: clip, clip, clip away: by 1965, nearly half of all American consumers had used coupons. That number surged to 89% by 2013, according to a Linkable Networks survey. Studies from Typical Savings demonstrated that shoppers who spent 20 minutes on average per week collecting coupons could save up to $1,000 per year, and that the typical coupon-using family saves between $5.20 and $9.60 per week.


Are you a Group thinking about signing up with HIMC? Take our survey and learn more!


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