Fundraising through HIMC: Why Is Our Coupon Service Different?

As Internet commerce continues to grow in size and scope, online deals have become increasingly useful and convenient. When combined with digital outreach, coupons in particular have great potential to benefit specific communities and the people who live in them.

However, few companies have realized this truth and built their service around it. That’s where Here Is My Coupon comes in: our business model distinguishes us from other coupon service websites because it focuses on our role as a fundraising platform.

Most coupon service companies connect businesses with consumers through digital marketing: search engine marketing, email campaigns, social media referrals, and more. They promote electronic coupons for specific vendors in local areas—usually, you enter your city or zip code and search for available deals that way.

Although these types of coupon services are useful for business owners and consumers, we believe that there’s a need in the market for a particular subset of customers: local communities.

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What do we mean by “local communities?” We mean towns and cities with local businesses who have loyal and frequent customers. Many small towns have family-owned cafés where community members often drop by for a quick bite to eat. Even more towns have local Italian restaurants or pizzerias where families love to dine. Is there an ice cream shop that parents love to visit with their kids? What about a burger joint that the high schoolers frequent after Friday night football games? You get the idea.

These small communities may benefit from coupon service companies such as Groupon and Retail Me Not, but not as much as they potentially could. Why? They need a personalized coupon service that ties their community together in a unique way. HIMC is that coupon service.

Similar to other coupon services, HIMC connects merchants to customers through digital marketing of their deals. However, there’s an additional part of the equation that helps merchants promote their coupons and increase their business traffic and revenue: Groups.

What is a Group? A Group is any nonprofit, charity, club, or organization in need of a way to fundraise. Virtually any type of college or community Group can apply to partner with HIMC for free. Moreover, these Groups are often connected to their local communities, which makes it easier for merchants and customers to share the benefits of our coupon service.

Let’s say there’s a Group in a small town that throws a potluck every year to raise money for their college scholarship fund. The more money they raise, the more scholarships they can award to high school seniors. Seems pretty common, right?

One of the members of this Group, who serves as a Sales Representative, is a loyal customer of the local hair salon. They reach out to their hairdresser, who puts them in touch with the hair salon’s owner. After the Sales Rep discusses the benefits of HIMC with the merchant, the hair salon becomes the first business in the area to sign up with HIMC! They pay $180 to have their Coupon Space posted on for an entire year. The Sales Rep earns $30 in commission, and their Group earns $45 to put toward their fundraiser.

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If this Group is the first Group in their area to partner with HIMC, then they have a significant starter advantage: there are plenty of merchants for them to recruit and therefore huge income potential for their fundraiser. The earlier you get to the party, the bigger the potential rewards!

Moreover, customers who use HIMC coupons know that not only are they supporting a local business, but they’re also supporting a local community Group, an organization that benefits their community and the people who live in it. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Because our hyperlocal coupon service doubles as a personalized fundraising platform, we build better futures for local communities in a way that sets us apart from other coupon services. So if you’re a Group in need of a way to fundraise, partner with HIMC to raise money for your cause! Help local merchants increase their revenue while everyone in your community saves. Our mission is to strengthen our economy, one community at a time—come join us!


FUN FACT: Who invented the coupon? The glory goes to Atlanta businessman Asa Candler, co-owner of Coca-Cola.  In 1887, he distributed certificates in efforts to encourage the public to try his new soda for free.


Are you a Group thinking about signing up with HIMC? Take our survey and learn more!


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