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Here Is My Coupon (HIMC) is a coupon website for savvy coupon users, a traffic and revenue booster for small, local businesses, and a fundraising platform for local community and college Groups.

For every merchant that a Group—a Little League team, a local nonprofit, a community theatre guild, you name it—recruits to HIMC, they fundraise $45 for their cause. Additionally, the Sales Representative who recruits the merchant earns $30 in commission. Merchants pay only $180 per Coupon Space per year to receive a full online business profile, social media and marketing support, and increased business traffic and revenue. Best of all, everyone can use HIMC coupons, and registration is free! It’s a win-win for everyone! For more information, please check us out at our main site, www.hereismycoupon.com.

HIMC helps build better futures for local communities, and our blog is part of our effort to execute that vision. Check back with us for behind-the-scenes updates, news and developments in the coupon industry, and spotlights on specific HIMC merchants and Groups. To view our latest blog post, click here!

Thank you for supporting Here Is My Coupon: strengthening our economy one community at a time!


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